Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Three glass arms and a sunken visitor center enhance this renovated Dutch park

New triangular-shaped visitor center in Park Vijversburg, the Netherlands, acts as an extension of the adjacent historical villa and has a minimal impact on the parkland. Studio Maks and Junya Ishigami + Associates designed its sloping corridors to stretch out into the park and provide visitors with new vistas of the surrounding landscape. The addition to the recently refurbished park aims to accommodate the increasing number of visitors by providing new exhibition and meeting spaces. Studio...

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Why Los Angeles has started to paint its streets white

Though it lacks the humidity of East Coast heat, Los Angeles still burns. The City of Angels is one of the only places in the United States in which heat-related deaths occur regularly during the winter. This public health hazard is only expected to worsen as climate change gains strength over the next decades. Located in a desert valley and dominated by asphalt roads to facilitate its car culture, LA is extremely vulnerable but fortunately innovative. The sprawling cityscape of nearly 4 million...

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New images show progress on the next world's tallest building

New images of the Calatrava-designed Dubai Creek Tower have emerged, showing the footprint of what is expected to become the world's next tallest building. Developer Emaar Properties released construction site photos and video of the 2.3 square-mile Dubai Creek Harbour complex, with which they intend to eclipse the Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest structure since 2010. Emaar Properties and Dubai Holdings joined together to build the new complex in Dubai, with a 3,045-foot tower designed by Calatrava...

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Zacua introduces the first electric car from Mexico

In the United States, many of us of never heard of Zacua, but the company is making headlines on both sides of the border, since it is introducing the first electric car made completely in Mexico by a Mexican company. Zacua is introducing two new electric cars, the the M2 and the M3, which will go on sale in November. The two small electric coupes will be made by Motores Limpios, but sold in Mexico under the Zacua brand name. “Global warming has very serious consequences [and] Mexico...

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The SHED Projects affordable micro-homes pop up in just one day

London’s housing crisis is one of the worst in the world, but an innovative new initiative could help alleviate the problem. Studio Bark teamed up with Lowe Guardians to create the SHED Project, a plan to insert affordable micro-homes inside vacant buildings across the city. Built from affordable, low-impact materials, these compact SHEDS take only one day to construct and can be easily styled into attractive tiny dwellings. Each SHED is built primarily of CNC-milled Smartply (formaldehyde-free...

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Off-grid rainforest cabin built from scratch has minimal site impact

There’s no replacement for hands-on experience. Architecture students at the University of British Columbia designed and built this off-the-grid cabin from scratch. Located in the heart of a coastal rainforest on Gambier Island, SALAmander is a timber retreat sheltered beneath a leafy green canopy. This private sanctuary is only accessible by foot but the stunning surroundings are worth the trek. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJFbCrvZvaQ University of British Columbia students in...

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Elon Musk urges UN to ban artificially intelligent killer robots

The same man who brought you PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX is now urging the UN — along with 115 other experts in robotics — to ban the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in managing weaponry. Elon Musk, in addition to technology leaders including Mustafa Suleyman of Google, believe “killer robot” technology is “morally wrong” and a potential threat to humanity. As a result, they are requesting it be outlawed. By banning “lethal autonomous” technology, the group hopes to prevent “a...

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