Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Scientists aim to use lasers to turn light into matter

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New evidence suggests a massive magma plume under Yellowstone Park

A new study reveals that beneath Yellowstone there's evidence of a massive plume of magma that could run from Mexico all the way to the park. The presence of a plume has been debated by scientists for years, but if one does exist, it helps explain the heat that bubbles to the surface in the park and someday help us understand why it exists where it does. Researchers at the University of Texas found evidence for a plume under the park using seismic data obtained from listening stations across...

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SOM's net-zero Paris skyscraper will be one of the most sustainable buildings in Europe

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New electric bike offers so much storage, you won't miss your car

The CERO One electric cargo bike offers customizable storage space for riders, easing a transition from automobiles to environmentally friendly, and increasingly practical, electric bicycles. Electric bikes, or e-bikes, are 10 to 20 times more efficient than a car and offer a more accessible, motorized biking experience. E-bike manufacturers are increasingly serving the needs of urban consumers, who have become accustomed to the convenience of car cargo space. CERO One offers a novel modular cargo...

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Oil and gas leases open up in Bears Ears National Monument area

Despite all its rhetoric to the contrary, the Interior Department is offering up 51,000 acres of oil and gas leases in the areas surrounding Bears Ears National Monument. Conservationists warn that fossil fuel extraction threatens priceless Native American artifacts, historical sites, dinosaur fossils and the southern Utah environment. The move comes just weeks after it was revealed that mining and extraction interests played the primary role in determining the new boundaries of Bears Ears and Grand...

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Stunning temporary beach pavilion rises in Lebanon's Tyre Coast Nature Reserve

Wood, metal ties and ropes come together in this temporary space in Lebanon, forming a lightweight and deployable structure that aims to raise awareness of marine biodiversity and responsible use of the coast of Tyre. The Tyre Nature Reserve Hub, named MARAH, was designed by Architecture students of the American University of Beirut who used the project as an experiment in building of lightweight and temporary systems, as well as creating spaces that have a large social and programmatic impact. Some...

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The world's last male northern white rhino has died in Kenya

Devastating news for wildlife enthusiasts today: Sudan, the world's last male northern white rhino, has died. Ol Pejeta Conservancy and the Dvůr Králové Zoo announced the 45-year-old rhino was euthanized at the 90,000-acre non-profit wildlife facility Kenya on March 19 after being unable to overcome age-related muscle and bone degeneration or debilitating skin wounds. "His condition worsened significantly in the last 24 hours; he was unable to stand up and was suffering a great deal," Ol Pejeta...

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